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YES Medical System
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EMR Macros

Are you spending too much time during your office encounter on a repetitive tasks? Or do you have office procedures that you need to automate? 

Are you having problems with your current EMR provider?

- Problems with the learning curve?

- Forced to use an EMR that is not customized to my office practice and workflow?

- Issues with forms and transition to EMR?

- Too much time typing?

- Unable to automate repetitive tasks?

YES Medical System can help you automate your office workflow, by helping you create customizable content macros; all within our application. YES Medical System "Auto-Text" is a quick and easy way to create macros that reduce the amount of time typing texts, sentences, paragraphs, or an entire letter simply by assigning an abbreviation or short form for it. 

Custom tags are an open-architecture feature within the application, allowing you to create a vast amount of pre-set information. You can use it for (1) common sentences, (2) common controls - i.e. list of Doctors, etc (3) common phrases, (4) commonly used paragraphs, and more. YES Medical System software allows you to utilize custom macros in both encounter templates or letters. Would you like to learn more? We'd love to hear from you today.

For more information on macros and how our YES Medical System software solutions can work for you contact us today at (416) 800-3770 or by email